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4-7 Lecture Outline - slow flow, gas exchange, porous...

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Lecture outline, Biology 152, 7 April 2010 Circulation What are the benefits of having a circulatory system? Vertebrate systems, closed circulatory system Fish two chambered heart, single circuit. Amphibians & some reptiles three chambered heart, some mixing of blood. Most higher vertebrates four chambered heart double segregated circuit. Human system Heart pattern of flow Capillaries
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Unformatted text preview: slow flow, gas exchange, porous vessels. Blood connective tissue. RBC, WBC, platelets, plasma, etc Gas exchange and Oxygen transport Hemoglobin vs. Hemocyanin Carbon dioxide transport Mechanics of respiration and gas exchange Diffusion across concentration gradient Counter current exchange Surface area Moisture Details of respiratory organs Gills, trachea, but most emphasis on lungs...
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