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Chapter 19: Financial Planning Case 1. What did Warren do with his $1.4 million inheritance? After receiving $1.4 million, after taxes from his late grandfather, instead of buying a Porsche or a new home, Warren did the right thing by his family-to-be and invested his $1.4 million in which he inherited. 2. What do smart people do with sudden wealth? They decide not to blow it. Warren is extremely fastidious says Lesley Sommers, his
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Unformatted text preview: financial planner. Warren said that Lesley Sommers taught him that his windfall should not change where he eats or go on vacation. So if you win the lottery don’t blow it on houses, cars, vacations, and luxury items. Even millions won’t go far once the IRS takes its share. Instead, pay off high- interest credit card and other debts that offer no tax deductions. Than find a financial adviser....
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