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Chapter 11: Financial Planning Case 1. Why did Kimberly Salzbrunn not have to pay from her own pocket even though she has taken her two-year-old son to the doctor three times, purchased five prescriptions, and spent a day in the emergency room? Kimberly Salzbrunn did not have to pay because her employer, Budget Rent-A-Car, is putting $1,500 aside for her health care this year. She can use it for herself, two-year-old son, or husband Dan. 2. What will happen when the Salzbrunn’s use up their $1,500? What if they don’t
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Unformatted text preview: use their $1,500 this year? If the Salzbrunn’s use up their $1,500, they must pay health care expenses themselves until they hit a $2,000 deductible. If they don’t spend the entire $1,500 this year, what is left will be added to their account in future years. 3. What is the name for this kind of health plan? Consumer driven, or defined- contribution, health care....
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