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Question 1 1. The Value Chain model: Unit Inbound Logistics Operations Sales and Marketing Service Outbound Logistics Citigroup’s CEEMEA Sale 1.Ordering system and customer request 1, Treasury portal system 2. Information Orientation Framework 1. Web-based centralized platform 2. similar database to automating process 1. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools Financial methods and instruments and protective services for customers Competitive forces model : 2 . Information systems take the role in this unit by supporting their business strategy. The treasury portal can report the profit and losses of the company. Also, the treasury portal can provide information such activities and information going on in the current market and transaction details. An intranet platform for credit management, functional customer relationship management application, trading information management, and reporting information can all be built and provide value. 3. The new Information technology was lacking and decision making process was very fast which the treasury business was uprising. Improvements of the trading results across Low New Market Entrants High Competition Low Suppliers Access to data and information High Substitutes Local Markets High Customers Customer contacts Quality dealers Quality traders High The Industry Lack of control Lack of maintining control of customer information
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the unit diverse region were increased due to the use of relevant real time information. Also, a top level risk and trading management is hired for direct and regional approach to the treasury business to reduce costs overall and improve control within the organization. Lastly, the company is primarily focused on putting CEEMEA on a successful growth through an increased client satisfaction. The company has stated that this is their business strategy. 4 . Applying the Information Orientation Framework solved the problems for CEEMEA Sales and Trading Unit when Professor Marchand helped the new management team develop an action plan. They key initiatives including adding IT applications, improving deal capturing and client contact processes, training staff to adopt the new applications and processes, and designing a scorecard to measure an employee’s effectiveness in information use. Bakhshi recognized that Michael Page MD-business management had high EQ and good change management skills, and asked him to orchestrate the implementation process. Before the implementation of the action plan the IOF was decentralized and after the new management team it became centralized. With all these efforts, the unit’s business performance improved in number of ways. Profit increased by more than 100% from 2000 to 2002. The team also received exceptional client satisfaction scores across the region. Finally, the unit won a number of Euromoney awards in 2002, including Best in Emerging Market Currencies and Best at Risk Management. 5.
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Midterm Exam - Question 1 1. The Value Chain model: Unit...

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