Hw 1 - Page 17 Window on Technology To Think about 1 What are the inputs processing and outputs of UPSs package tracking system UPS has a tracking

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Page 17, Window on Technology: “To Think about.” 1. What are the inputs, processing, and outputs of UPS’s package tracking system? UPS has a tracking system that scans data through a (DIAD) known as the Delivery Information Acquisition Device. This device is primarily used for scanning packages and reads the barcode. This is UPS’S input. Than UPS’S tracking system processes orders by transmitting information through UPS’s vehicle adapter. Than the package tracking information is sent to UPS’S computer network for storage and processing. This information is sent to their main computers at the UPS headquarters. UPS’s output for their tracking systems is that information can be available for customers through UPS’s website and other tools that can access the World Wide Web to www.ups.com . 2. What technologies are used? UPS is concerned that their customers come first. UPS is using Supply Chain management, supply chain design management, freight forwarding, customer brokerage, mail services, package tracking system, UPS campus ship, multimodal transportation, logistics and financial services. These technologies provide value added services to customers and provide Supply Chain and Logistics solutions to its customers as stated in the textbook. 3. How are these technologies related to UPS’s business strategy? As mentioned in question 2, UPS provides technologies such as logistic solutions and Supply Chain technologies to their customers. Providing such technologies assures UPS that they will have returning customers and future customers. 4. How do UPS’s systems provide value for the company and its customers? UPS has the technology called UPS campus ship, which allows employees to work from multiple locations to process and ship out packages from their computers. They are constantly controlled and monitored by a central administrator that is set up by UPS. Companies that benefit from UPS’s supply chain management solution include jockey international, Toshiba America and Philips Medical Systems in Europe. UPS is now the top leading parcel service because of their expertise in global delivery network.
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5. What would happen if these technologies were not available? If these technologies were not available at UPS, than they would face a difficult time in keeping records for shipments sent or received. Also, if a package was lost they would not be able to track the package. Customers would be dissatisfied and would switch to a better parcel service. Every parcel service focuses their attention on making sure the customer receives the best service. If tracking technology was not available UPS customer service would have to contact their service location where the shipment was received, than they would have to find out the location of the shipment and give an approximate time for the delivery. This procedure could take up to hours or days, while with the tracking system it can take up to 30 seconds. Also, if this technology was not available UPS would have to hire more employees to serve customers and responses. They would need to get accessories such as cellular phones and navigation systems.
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Hw 1 - Page 17 Window on Technology To Think about 1 What are the inputs processing and outputs of UPSs package tracking system UPS has a tracking

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