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Chapter 11 Emotion Emotion • Defining Emotion • Elements of Emotion 1: The Body • Elements of Emotion 2: The Mind • Elements of Emotion 3: The Culture • Putting the Elements together: Emotion and Gender Emotion • A state of arousal involving facial and body changes, brain activation, cognitive appraisals, subjective feelings, and tendencies toward action, all shaped by cultural rules. Elements of Emotion 1: The Body • Primary and secondary emotions • The face of emotion • The brain and emotion • Hormones and emotion • Detecting emotions: Does the body lie? • Primary emotions – Emotions considered to be universal and biologically based. They generally include fear, anger, sadness, joy, surprise, disgust, and contempt. • Secondary emotion – Emotions that develop with cognitive maturity and vary across individuals and cultures. • Three biological areas of emotion are – facial expressions, – brain regions and circuits, and – autonomic nervous system. Universal Expressions of Emotion • Facial expressions for primary emotions are universal. • Even members of remote cultures can recognize facial expressions in people who are foreign to them. • Facial feedback – Process by which the facial muscles send messages to the brain about the basic emotion being expressed. • Infants are able to read parental expressions.
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• Facial expression can generate same expressions in others, creating mood contagion. The Face of Anger • Anger is universally recognized by geometric patterns on the face. • In each pair, the left form seems angrier than the right form. Facial Expressions in Social Context
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Chapter 11-emotion - Chapter 11 Emotion Emotion Defining...

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