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Week Two question two - Shelby Kennard Assignment Two...

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Shelby Kennard Assignment Two question 4 January 29, 2009 The sociospatial approach to urban sociology emphasizes the links with the global system of capitalism, the actions of the real estate industry. The growth of the metropolitan area has been caused by the move from an agricultural based economy to that of an industrialized economy. The move from the farm to the city was necessitated by those looking for better paying industrialized jobs and the rise of immigration. As the cities began to grow, city businesses outgrew their local market and soon after that outgrew their regional markets. The logical conclusion was the extension into national and later international markets. In the early years of global markets there was much competition for new emerging markets. This set the stage for the imperial era. After the collapse of the imperial era after World War I, the United States took the lead in the World Market. After World War Two, the United States took command of the world market. With U.S. capital Germany and Japan along with much
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Week Two question two - Shelby Kennard Assignment Two...

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