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Week 2 Assignment Answers

Week 2 Assignment Answers - annoyance of East Wallingfords...

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Assignment Memorandum Format : TO: Dr. Carl Ekstrom FROM: Shelby Kennard 5/25/2008 To: City Manager East Wallingford CC: Director, Division of Community Transportation Planning, State Department of transportation From: G. Shelby Kennard State Department of transportation RE: Proposed Resolution of traffic congestion. After investigating the congestion and analyzing the cost of resolving the congestion in East Wallingford I recommend the following. I propose that the South Way project is the best alternative in relieving the traffic problems of East Wallingford. This decision is based upon the cost effectiveness and the convenience to the residents of East Wallingford. Questions, 1. Yes, I believe the convenience of the South Way project will out weigh the
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Unformatted text preview: annoyance of East Wallingfords residents. The South Way project will save the residents time and money. 2. No, like Spock would remind us, it is simply the most logical, or in this case the most rational. 3. Once confronted by hard data, values tend to change. The weights should, ideally be set by the community. 4. Yes, with more information, I definitely think a better alternative that would satisfy the great majority of the residents could be found. I definitely believe that the more the people no, then the better they can make an informed decision. Unfortunately in todays political world, data can be arranged to support a wide variety of decisions....
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Week 2 Assignment Answers - annoyance of East Wallingfords...

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