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Assignment Memorandum Format : TO: Dr. Carl Ekstrom FROM: Shelby Kennard Subject: Identification of Unit of Government 1. Name of Unit and Its URL I rving I ndependent S chool D istrict 2. Mission "The Irving ISD, in partnership with families and the community, shall meet the educational needs of students by cultivating learning, thinking and communicating." 3. Policy Body Board of Trustees The Board consists of seven Trustees serving terms of three years, with elections held annually. One third of the Trustees are up for election every year. Specific duties of the Board of Trustees include the following:
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Unformatted text preview: • To be legally responsible for the education of the students in the District. • To make school district policy decisions regarding Irving ISD's operation. • To provide tax monies for maintenance and operation of the schools. • To submit bond issues to the residents of the District. • To govern local school matters, subject to limitations imposed by state and federal laws. • To hire the superintendent as its chief administrator and executive officer. 4. Number of Public Administrators Total Employees 4,194 5. One of the Top Level Public Administrators Jack Singley, Superintendent of Schools Irving ISD....
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