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Assignment 7 - Assignment Memorandum Format TO FROM RE Dr...

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Assignment Memorandum Format : TO: Dr. Carl Ekstrom FROM: Shelby Kennard RE: Assignment 7 Form 20 TO: Field Personnel From: A. Babcock Secretary, Department of Environmental Protection Subject: Wetlands Conservation Act of 2007 The Wetlands Conservation Act of 2007 was passed and signed by the Governor into law. This new law has many ramifications and implications for personnel in this department. I am writing to all field personnel to explain the purposes and provisions of this act. Title I, sets forth the purposes of the Wetlands Conservation Act of 2007. The main goal of this act is to protect the state’s wetlands and to generally improve their quality of life. Title II: “Wetland Protection” assigns to the DEP and the State Transportation and Agriculture Departments the authority to issue rules and levy fines. Title II, gives this Department the responsibility to survey and catalog wetlands in the state and propose rules about their proper uses.
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  • Academic degree, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, Wetlands Conservation Act, Department of Environmental Protection Wetlands Conservation

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