current events4 - City Holding Hearings on Green Planning...

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City Holding Hearings on Green Planning Ordinance for LA River by Damien Newton on December 10, 2008 for-la-river/ The city of LA is holding hearings to hammer out new ordinances for development along the LA River. The new ordinances would require any new developments along the river to meet certain green guidelines. F.C. Council: Final OK to Affordable Housing Plan Written by Nicholas F. Benton Thursday, 11 December 2008 11:24 Falls Church Virginia has ok’d funding of a new 174 unit affordable housing project. The city council approved the plan although the cities planning commission rejected it last week. Most at issue is the fact the project falls 19 parking spaces short of meeting City code requirements Downtown plan seeks growth in tough times But critics question whether the city is doing enough Maisie Ramsay on Thursday 12/11/2008 Some residents in Madison, WI. think it’s time for a new downtown plan. Madison has been able to weather past economic downturns, but the most recent one has hit Madison hard. The new plan calls for adding higher density development, improving lake access and increasing arts and entertainment attractions. To support these amenities, authorities in Madison want to attract that critical mass of people living downtown who will buy concert tickets, browse stores and keep the city's downtown vital. City wants larger land parcels Proposed zoning changes approach final approval By Jim Hart The Sandy Post, Dec 10, 2008
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After three years of controversy, action and non action and reaction to that action and non action, the city of Sandy, Oregon is in its final stages of revising zoning requirements to provide larger lots within residential developments. Forum in capital brings urban planning expertise together
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current events4 - City Holding Hearings on Green Planning...

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