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Shelby Kennard Dr. Paul Landow PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION 2000 Leadership and Administration February 20, 2009 Exam One Your best friend just started a new job as a supervisor in a challenging work environment and came to you for advice. She wants to know how to define leadership in a hierarchy, how to evaluate her potential to lead, and how to know when she has become a good leader. She has an excellent family who is very supportive, a lot of good friends, and a strong educational background, but wonders how or if those attributes will help her be a better supervisor, leader and colleague. This new position is important to her and she is looking to you to help her get off on the right foot. What do you tell her? About 1000-1250 words will do it. Please make sure you address the answer to your friend in the form of advice, and use the posted style guide for technical details (margins, font size etc). Draw on any material you want, but especially Bennis, class discussion and your own experiences. Send me a note with any questions. Please e-mail your answer to me in a word attachment by 5:00pm Friday, February 20 My Advice to my best friend and wife. New job My wife Crystal came to me two years ago and told me she there was a mangers job opening up at her company. Crystal work for Fidelity Investments, in operations. She had started with Fidelity in an entry level temp position when she was pregnant with our second child about nine years ago. After she had our child and she was ready to go back to work, she was hired as a full time employee with Fidelity. After a few years in the entry position she was chosen because of her knowledge of the systems to be an in
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team trainer. Her job was to basically train new employees in her team of about thirty. She did such a good job with that she was chosen to head up special projects and her training log was expanded to the whole department. She reported directly to the Director and not to a manager. She held this position for about three years when this management job came available. She was nervous about applying for the position but I encouraged
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Exam One - Shelby Kennard Dr Paul Landow PUBLIC...

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