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Week Two-Def of a Leader

Week Two-Def of a Leader - I believe a leader should be...

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Take my definition and the Bennis ingredients, think them through, and explain what they mean in a practical sense, i.e. how would you define leadership in your personal context. Put another way, how do you know a leader when you see one at work, school, in politics, etc? It will help if you think about the meaning of the words in my definition in the context of practical leadership, e.g. influence, organized group, goal achievement, etc. My definition of a leader is someone who above all else is a good communicator, someone who is able to communicate their clarity of thought and direction. It is through communication first that drives people to action, it is action that keep people on the path.
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Unformatted text preview: I believe a leader should be knowledgeable and at the same time humble enough to know when they do not have the answers, but are also willing to seek the answers out. A good leader is inclusive and involves, when possible, the whole team in decision making. A good leader is approachable by his team. A good leader is a good evaluator of talent. Next to communication, I think this is the most important characteristic of a good leader. They’re able to choose people that can effectively communicate their message and carry out initiatives and are not scared to challenge them intellectually if necessary. I believe in honesty and fair play. My ideal leader would also believe in these virtues...
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