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ShelbyKennardReflectionweek8 - Shelby Kennard Week Eight...

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Shelby Kennard Week Eight Reflection Paper Reading Michael Maccoby’s article in the Ivey Business Journal: To Win The Respect Of Followers, Leaders Need Personality Intelligence, I was attracted to two terms he used. One was the Interactive Social Character and the other was the Bureaucratic Social Character. These are two terms coined by Psychiatrist Sigmund Freud to describe our work place personalities. Maccoby believes that workplace leaders need to understand and be able to predict how their employees will behave. The value of using psychoanalytic types to understand colleagues he argues will to enable colleagues to communicate and understand each other better. This in theory will lead to a more productive and rewarding work place environment. Of all the different psychoanalytical personality terms used in his article I was drawn to the Interactive Social Character (Me) and the Bureaucratic Social Character (my Grandfather).
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