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Shelby Kennard Week Seven Reflection Paper Think about a successful manager with whom you have worked or studied. What pattern of effective behaviors did he/she exhibit? I wanted to elaborate on this more than I did in my discussion post. The best manager I’ve known is my wife Crystal. She works for Fidelity investments in Westlake, Texas. While an operations manager at Fidelity she in my opinion exemplified all the necessary skills I find important of a leader. She was well respected and liked by her superiors, peers and her employees. Crystal has good communication skills. She is able to clearly communicate the objectives and procedures required of a task. In addition, she sets clear, attainable and measurable goals. Product and process expertise is not always a requirement in the hiring process of
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Unformatted text preview: a leader. However, when a leader is brought up through the ranks the process and product expertise builds the credibility of the leader with their employees. Crystal began her career at Fidelity over 9 years ago as a processing representative, quickly moved into a training role and then into management. As her management career began she brought a wealth of knowledge and the expertise that allowed her to connect with her employees at a very detailed level. Leaders are constantly juggling different aspects of their role. Many times, small things are left by the way side. Followed through on what they said they would do. Looked after the needs of her people. Didn't manage up (Didn't kiss upper management butt)....
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