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Shelby Kennard Week Six Reflection Paper Reading Debbie Kruegers article: A Leader’s Three Rs: Reading, Reflecting and Relationships, I thought about how I fit into and use each leadership power she describes. I’m a reading tutor in the Irving Independent School District. I have forty students total that see me in groups of five for 45 minutes each group. I understand this article is in reference to a larger organization structure than my five student group, but it maid me think, how do I exercise leadership in my own classroom. I also believe that what works in a small scale setting can work in a large scale if applied properly. Krueger starts her article by telling us how she has empowered herself. She credits her success by being a principal centered leader. Krueger describes herself as a principal centered leader. She gives the following characteristics of a good leader. A continuous learner, always keep up on the latest and greatest. Service oriented, remember you are there to provide a service. The service in question is support and
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ShelbyKennardReflectionweek6 - Shelby Kennard Week Six...

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