ms11r2 - MicroStamp11 Worlds Smallest 68HC11...

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Toronto, Canada Phone: +1 (416) 963-8996 Fax: +1 (416) 963-9179 ©2000 Technological Arts Technological Arts MicroStamp11 ™ is a powerful, compact micro- controller board, based on Motorola’s popular 68HC11 8-bit MCU. Featuring up to 32K SRAM and up to 32K EEPROM, MicroStamp11 ™ provides ample memory for developing applications in assembler, BASIC, or C. The 68HC11 provides an excellent selection of hardware features, coupled with an easy- to-use architecture and well- rounded instruction set. One of the most popular 8-bit MCUs in the world, the 68HC11 has a wealth of applications and soft- ware tools available. This combination of a powerful, full-featured 68HC11 with ultra-miniature packaging and low cost make MicroStamp11 an excellent choice for hobbyists, students, and engineers, in a wide range of applications from handheld instruments to microrobotics. . MicroStamp11 World s Smallest 68HC11 Microcontroller Module! FEATURES:
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ms11r2 - MicroStamp11 Worlds Smallest 68HC11...

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