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A B C D E B2 B1 D C A Bio 29 Prof. R. Ovalle Group-H21: Homeira Kalim, Charles Forgy, Matthew A R Sherian, Ilana Blum, Eli Lazar, Chana Landa Instructions: All Questions are Short-Answer Chapter 1 (1.3) 1) The types of evidence acceptable as data in support of a hypothesis include _____? Types of data that support a hypothesis are qualitative and quantitative and can be . attained by through making additional observations or by performing experiments 2) A scholar of Pseudophysics has proposed the following hypothesis: “A rock falls because it must fall!”, as the scholar let a rock drop from his hand. Why is this a poor hypothesis? What is another example of a poor hypothesis? This is a poor hypothesis because a hyothesis should be a tentative answer to a - . ( ) well framed question This scholar s statement does not assert a tentative falsifiable . answer as to why a rock must fall An additional example of a poor hypothesis is , Aristotle s hypothesis that fire rises because it tries to reach its source the sun and . water falls because its source is the ground 3) Who was the scientist who showed that water was composed of two different gases? How would you show it? What hypothesis does this experiment disprove? Why? The scientist that first showed that water was composed of two different gases was , , . Joseph Priestly in 1774 by isolating oxygen One way to show the decomposition of water ( H 2 ) ( O into oxygen O 2 ) ( and hydrogen H 2 ) molecules would be to pass an ; . electric current through the water this process is known as electrolysis Priestly , proved that air and water are not pure elements disproving Aristotle s four element . hypothesis 4) Which of the following is false: The Scientific Method requires that a hypothesis A) be testable B) be falsifiable C) explain all available evidence D) be true Explain why? Explain why the others are essential to the workings of the method. . , D is false A hypothesis must explain the available evidence and be testable because . , there must be a way to verify the validity of the idea A hypothesis be falsifiable there must be some observation that could be made or experiment that may be . conducted to disprove the idea if it were false All available evidence must be , . considered and explained not doing so would call the hypothesis into question Chapter 2 5) Around 400 BC, Aristotle championed which hypothesis concerning the nature of matter? What are the tenets of the hypothesis? What corollary hypothesis arises from the first hypothesis? Why was it a poor hypothesis? : , He supported a theory that said that all matter is composed of four elements earth , , . air fire and water The tenets were that unique properties are a result of ratios of . the mixtures of these elements A corollary to this assertion was that the elements , , , . were composed of properties such as warm wet dry cold etc By adjusting the , . properties of elements one type could be transformed to another These hypotheses . were pure conjecture and not testable The pursuit of alchemy was based upon these . hypotheses 1
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6) Around 400 BC, Democritus championed which hypothesis concerning the nature of matter? What are the
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Bio29 Group H21 Homework1 - A C D Bio 29 Prof. R. Ovalle...

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