Bio29 Group H21 Homework3

Bio29 Group H21 Homework3 - Homework 3 From homework 2: 1....

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Homework 3 From homework 2: 1. Which organelles are believed to have arisen by endosymbiosis? What is the evidence for the endosymbiotic origin of those eukaryotic organelles? Which eukaryote organelle was created first, and why? 2. What class of organisms contains species that produce potent toxins that can cause extensive fish kills, contaminate shellfish, and poison humans? 3. Why do red algae appear red, why do green algae appear green, and brown algae appear brown when they all have chlorophyll A photosystems? 4. On land all plants appear green, where as aquatic plants vary in color. Why do land plants have one photosynthetic strategy where aquatic plants use different light harvesting strategies? 5. Define the terms producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, tertiary consumer? Give an example of each term. What is a trophic level? How many trophic levels exist? Why is there a limit? In what trophic level do plants belong? Lecture 9 - Forerunners of the Land Plants: Survey of Photosynthetic Organisms 1. What are the names of the three domains of life? List 2 or 3 features that justify the taxonomical separation of each domain. 2. Describe the Miller-Urey Experiment. What were the findings of the experiment? How did the experiments results change the view of the nature of prebiotic Earth? 3. Who was Carolius (Carl) Linnaeus? What branch of science did he found? How did his work influence Biology as a science? 4. From smallest to largest category of inclusion, list the categories
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Bio29 Group H21 Homework3 - Homework 3 From homework 2: 1....

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