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Funk Natural extension of Black Power – James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, etc. Political ongoing Funk did not cross over to all audiences like earlier songs (did eventually) Pendulum has swung pretty far in one direction – communicating with only black identity Suburbanization of America accelerated in late 1960’s-70’s Inner ring suburbs – directly adjacent to the city, still some level of connection White Americans begin to move farther and farther out of cities themselves o Better economic opportunities o More tax breaks for building a new home than for fixing an old one o Businesses moving to suburbs – cheaper real estate Larger concentration of poor in the cities which is disproportionately black Funk is new voice being heard during 60’s and 70’s Chocolate City – separated from everyone else White Flight Black Flight Funk: “the stink” – the raw stuff, the smell, o People are struggling, people are banding together to find community
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Unformatted text preview: o Blues impulse all about surviving o Gospel impulse o Also the Jazz impulse in the way that the music sounds Song length, improvisation, vocalization, experimental music, philosophical, think about the world in a different way, poor principles George Clinton/Parliament/Funkadelic George Clinton wanted to break down boundaries, see how people view right and wrong and play around with the rules o Invite as many people as he could into the conversation Aquaboogie (A Psychoalphadiscobetabicaquadoloop) 1978 o Blend together all opposite things o Screaming voice in the back of the song that does not accept this Swing Down, Sweet Chariot Los Angeles, War, Slippin Into Darkness (1973) Southwestern feel to it all of those who moved West Has a New Orleans vibe to it New Orleans...
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