syllabus212_S10 - Income and Employment Theory (ECO 212)...

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Income and Employment Theory (ECO 212) Department of Political Science, Economics, and Philosophy, College of Staten Island Spring 2010 Jan 28th-May 25th Instructor: Takeshi Yagihashi -email: -website: Class Time and location: MW 6:30-8:10pm 2N/107 (Section 9408) Instructor O¢ ce Hours: M 3:30-4:30pm, TBA Textbook: Gregory N. Mankiw, Macroeconomics , 7th ed., 2009 Worth Publishers. (Also to be used in ECO/FNC315 o±ered in Fall 2010) Course Description: Aggregate economic analysis from the classical and the modern post-Keynesian point of view. The major objective is an understanding of the factors that determine the levels of national income, output, employment, overall prices, and rates of economic growth. The roles of consumption, investment, and alternative governmental policies are demonstrated. Measurement of national income and output is also studied. Pre-requistes: ECO 210; and MTH 025 or MTH 030 or appropriate score on the CUNY Mathematics Assessment Test, or permission of the instructor. Grading: There will be weekly assignments, one projects, unannounced quizzes, one midterm exam and Assignment 20% Quizzes 10% Term Project 20% Midterm 20% Final 30% Assignment: Will be announced on every Wednesdays. The deadline is the following Sunday 6pm. Submission accepted by email only. Please make sure to add [ECO212_HW (
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syllabus212_S10 - Income and Employment Theory (ECO 212)...

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