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Guiding Questions for Reading #1 Read part A of Lane’s “The Origin of Life” (2009). Prepare a synopsis of the article (typed, double-spaced, < 500 words). Within the synopsis, answer the following questions. This synopsis is due at the beginning of discussion. 1. What experiment inspired the idea of a “primordial soup”? Why was the possible formation of an organic soup considered scientifically important? What problems did this experiment solve, in exploring the origins of life? What experiments
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Unformatted text preview: eventually caused the idea of primordial soup to fall into disfavor? 2. What are the thermodynamic problems with the idea that life originated in a primordial soup? Why is a chemical disequilibrium necessary to support life? 3. What is ‘the concentration problem’ described by Lane? 4. How does the discovery of alkaline vents solve the thermodynamic and concentration problems discussed above?...
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