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MboI (2 sites) *GATC The MboI enzyme will not cut at the ends even though the *GATC is present at both ends. The MboI enzyme cannot properly bind when the target sequence is at these locations. I would not expect you to know this and I would not give you such a restriction enzyme on the test. 3 fragments generated, sticky ends present:
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Unformatted text preview: (32 bases) (16 bases) (24 bases) GATCTAGGCC TTCC GATCTTAA GATCCTAAGGGATC CTAGATCCGGAAGGCTAG AATTCTAG GATTCCCTAG BamH1 (3 sites): G*GATCC 4 fragments generated, sticky ends present: (6 bases (24 bases) (32 bases) (6 bases) G GATCCTAAGCCG GATCCGTGTAAACCCG GATCC CCTAG GATTCGGCCTAG GCACATTTGGGCCTAG G...
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