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EXAM 1 REVIEW (CH 12 – 16; Sadava Text: CH 9-11) ALSO: Be familiar with Key Terms for CH 12-16 and go over document titled “CH 12-16 Questions to Think About” CHAPTER 12 (The Cell Cycle) 1) Cell division & its’ roles in different organisms; Prokaryote v. Eukaryote; unicellular v. multicellular a) Prokaryotes - binary fission (or just fission); Eukaryotes – mitosis. i) Result: genetically identical daughter cells b) Purpose of cell division: growth; replace dead cells (repair/regeneration); reproduction 2) Chromosomes : prokaryotes (single, circular chromosome); eukaryotes (multiple, linear chromosomes) a) Eukaryotes: somatic cell v. gamete; haploid & diploid; ploidy b) eukaryotic chromosomes comprised of chromatin; chromatin structure c) know chromosome terminology Æ chromatids, sister chromatids; centromere; condensing. 3) : Interphase (G1 & G0, S, G2) & M phase (prophase,/prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase & cytokinesis); know main features of each phase. a) Function of: Mitotic spindle & microtubules, kinetochore, centrosomes, centrioles: all for organized movement of chromosomes during mitosis. 4) Prokaryotic division: process of binary fission 5) Cell Cycle control: cyclin proteins; growth factors stimulate formation of cyclins that initiate formation of cdk- cyclin complexes that stimulate cell division (G1-S; G2-M phase checkpoints) a) External/Internal signals: growth factors; density-dependent growth; anchorage dependence CHAPTER 13 (Meiosis) 1) Heredity Æ Variation and Genetics a) Human Life cycle: roles of mitosis & meiosis in the cycle; formation of haploid gametes via meiosis; male, female gametes unite during fertilization to form zygote. [genes Æ phenotype] 2) Nature of homologous chromosomes ; karyotype
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CH-12-16-Exam-Review_36710 - EXAM 1 REVIEW (CH 12 16;...

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