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Unformatted text preview: Pages to Read for Life, The Science of Biology, Sadava, et al, 8th edition: CH 21‐23 & 25 Note: make sure to view any figures & tables referenced in the text. • • CH 21 (History of Life on Earth) o Read pp. 465‐467 (material on fossils) CH 22 (Mechanisms of Evolution) o Read pp. 486‐504; recall genes & environment, qualitative & quantitative variation discussed in notes on population genetics is found in CH 10: pp. 220‐222 o Note: Sadava combines the topics of Evolution & Population Genetics in the same chapter (CH 22). • CH 23 (Speciation) o Read pp. 508‐521; material on evolutionary developmental biology in CH 20, pp. 448‐ 454 & section 20.5 in pp. 457‐459. • CH 25 (Phylogenies) o Read pp. 542‐556 ...
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