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Key Terms: CH 22 – 26 (Sadava text: CH 21-23 & 25) Evolution Natural theology Scala naturae Theory of Use & Dis-use Adaptation Population Species Artificial selection Decent with modification Natural selection Differential reproductive success Heritable variation Biogeography Homologies Homologous structure Homoplastic structure Vestigial structure Convergent evolution Fossils Transitional forms Evolutionary trees Continental drift Molecular evolution Phylogeny Microevolution Macroevolution Phenotypic variation Quantitative & qualitative variation Average heterozygosity Geographic variation Gene pool Fixed allele Allele frequency Genotype frequency Genetic equilibrium Hardy-Weinberg Principle p 2 + 2pq + q 2 = 1 p + q = 1 Gene flow Genetic drift Bottleneck Founder effect Stabilizing selection Directional selection Disruptive selection Sexual selection Intrasexual selection Intersexual selection Balancing selection
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Unformatted text preview: Heterozygote advantage Frequency-Dependent selection Relative Fitness Biological species definition Morphological species definition Ecological species Phylogenetic species Speciation Genetic divergence Allopatric speciation Sympatric speciation Polyploidy; allopolyploidy Habitat differentiation Reproductive isolation Pre-zygotic barrier Postzygotic barrier Temporal isolation Mechanical isolation Spatial or habitat isolation Gametic isolation Behavioral isolation Reduced hybrid viability Reduced hybrid fertility Hybrid breakdown Hybrid zone Reinforcement Fusion Adaptive radiation Extinction Evolutionary developmental biology Paedomorphosis Heterochrony Taxonomy Binomial nomenclature Systematics Phylogeny Phylogenetic tree Shared derived characters Shared ancestral characters Taxon Cladistics Clade Monophyletic taxon Paraphyletic taxon Polyphyletic taxon Ingroup Outgroup Molecular homology...
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