MitosisMeiosisLab06 - Name _ Mitosis and Meiosis Before you...

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Name ______________________________________ Mitosis and Meiosis Before you begin, save this Lab Report Template on your computer as LastNameAPBIOMitosis For this lab you will need to access the Mitosis Virtual Microscope ( ) and the Meiosis Virtual Microscope ( ). You can view them online or print them out. If you elect to print them, they will be easier to view if you print them in color. Read all the instructions below BEFORE you start! It will help if you print out this template to use as you perform the lab. Assignment 1: Mitosis in Plant and Animal Cells In this assignment you are going to estimate how much time a cell spends in each phase of the cell cycle by determining the numbers of cells in each phase in a micrograph of actively dividing cells. You need to understand the process of mitosis and be able to identify the different stages of mitosis BEFORE beginning this lab. Please refer to your text or other online references. 1. Go to to access the virtual microscope images of onion root tip and whitefish blastula cells undergoing mitosis. 2. Observe every cell in one field of view and determine the cell cycle phase. You may want to use reference images of mitosis stages to help you identify the cells. 3. Record in the data table below. 4. Count 3~4 full fields of view. You need to count at least 200 cells! 5.
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MitosisMeiosisLab06 - Name _ Mitosis and Meiosis Before you...

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