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Unformatted text preview: QUIZ 4 ECE35 Win’09 NAME _______________________ SID ______________________ For the familiar yet fiendishly complex ideal opamp circuit at right, (1) What is the maximum output voltage V out, max = ______________ (2) What is the voltage gain? G V = _____________ NOTE: THE QUIZZES MAY OR MAY NOT SHOW A 1 Ω RESISTOR IN THE FEEDBACK PATH (THERE WERE TWO VERSIONS OF THE QUIZ, GIVEN ON SUCCESSIVE DAYS). RESISTANCE IN THAT (ZERO CURRENT) PATH DOESN’T CHANGE THE ANSWERS. Solutions & grading key: This was intended to be a high-scoring quiz, so don’t be worried if you give out a lot of 10s. Problem (1) Full credit (5pts) for any of these answers: 15V, 14V, V sat , +V supply , etc. 2 points for an answer of V in = (or infinity); that reflects misunderstanding of what is meant by “ideal”. Note for students who think that an ideal OpAmp should not be limited by a finite supply voltage: As presented in lecture and discussion, the +/- 15V voltage supplies are always present (even if they are not expressly...
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