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HDE 100C-3 - HDE 100C Adult Development and Aging Topic...

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HDE 100C: Adult Development and Aging Topic: Demographics; Cultural and Ethnic Diversity Readings: Textbook Chapter 2 I. Characteristics of the United States Adult Population a. Numbers of middle-aged and older adults are increasing b. Race and ethnic diversity increasing throughout the country c. Important consequences for individuals and social institutions II. The Graying of America a. Graying of America = trend of greater numbers and proportions of older adults in the United States. b. Age Structure = percentages of men and women grouped by age intervals. i. Older adults: greatest proportion in U.S. ii. By 2025, percentages will be equal across age intervals except for oldest group. III. Sex Differences in Life Expectancy a. Females begin to outnumber males at age 25 years, and this increases with age b. Differences due to: i. Social factors 1. i.e. health behavior, habits, lifestyles, and occupational styles 2. biological and genetic factors a. i.e. estrogen and XX more resistance to infectious and degenerative diseases IV. Life Expectancy a. As of 2005, predicted average length of one s life = 80 years b. Reductions in infant and childhood mortality most improvement c. Racial and ethnic differences in life expectancies (with lower life expectancy for ethnic minorities) because of: i. Economic and lifestyle factors ii. Crime and violence in poor neighborhoods iii. Access to healthcare V. Longevity a. Longevity i. Longevity = number of years an individual actually lives ii. Longevity determined by interplay of bio-genetic and cultural factors in negative
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HDE 100C-3 - HDE 100C Adult Development and Aging Topic...

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