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HDE 100C-2 - HDE 100C Adult Development and Aging Topic...

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HDE 100C: Adult Development and Aging Topic: Introduction to Adult Development and Aging (Cont.) Readings: Textbook, Chapter 1 pp. 9-23 I. Determinants/Forms of Adult Developmental Change a. Normative Age-Graded Factors i. Development appears similar across individuals and cultures ii. E.g. maturation and deterioration of the brain and nervous system occur at similar ages b. Normative History-Graded Factors i. Developmental influences closely related to specific historical events, within a given culture ii. E.g. cohort factors affect the level of intellectual abilities, due to educational opportunities; cohort factors can also influence biological development due to nutritional situation/practices c. Normative or Idiosyncratic Events i. Individual variations associated with diverse environmental experiences ii. Individual variations associated with biogenetic programming II. The Concept of Age a. Chronological age b. Biological age i. E.g. lung capacity, blood pressure c. Psychological age (adaptive capacities) i. Adapting to environment by utilizing memory, intelligence, coping styles, etc. d. Social age (social rules and expectations) e. These three “concepts of age” can be dissociated for some individuals. III. Successful Aging a. (1) avoidance of disease and disability b. (2) continuation of effective physical and psychological functioning c. (3) continued social engagement with life d. Above actions/outcomes apply for individuals; cultural and generational factors also
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HDE 100C-2 - HDE 100C Adult Development and Aging Topic...

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