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Homework #6 (1) Biological pump is a system which shows movement of carbon. Lots of carbons are absorbed into North Atlantic and through deep sea, and these again go into the air in Pacific Ocean. Simple diagram of this system is below. (2) (a) 25 = k*5000 therefore, k = 0.005 liter/min Residence time can be calculated by reservoir time/input. Therefore, 5000/25 = 200 min Since outflow rate is constant, it can be said that k and residence time has a
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Unformatted text preview: characteristics of inverse relationship. (b) Assume that t is time. Then, outflow rate would be 25t*k. Since inflow rate is 25t, reservoir size would be 25t 25t*k = 25t(1-k). The reservoir reaches steady state when outflow rate equals inflow rate. Since k is constant, t is the only variable which can satisfy this situation. Given this, the reservoir reaches steady state when t = 1/k. Graph showing this relationship is below....
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