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I have mainly three reasons to choose this seminar

I have mainly three reasons to choose this seminar - I have...

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I have mainly three reasons to choose this seminar. The first reason is that I like  economics and actually have studied economics and its related topics in my university  life intensively. The introductory book to economics named “Principles of Economics” by  Mankiw   made   me   like   economics   first.   The   book   is   so   easy   to   understand   and  interesting that I have read it several times. When I took Prof. Phillip’s lecture in SILS,  I was so attracted to a book named “Economic Development” by Todaro and Smith.  Although the book was difficult, I decided that I will study economics in SILS and  abroad at that time. The second reason is that East Asian economies are a fascinating subject to study. East  Asian economies are under great transformation. After the Olympic in Beijing, it is 
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