I was born in Kumamoto prefecture

I was born in Kumamoto prefecture - experiences I learnt...

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I   was   born   in   Kumamoto   prefecture,   and   lived   there   before   I   entered   Waseda  University. I am living alone in Tokyo now. I believe living alone has made me more  independent than ever and I also believe that I am running household economy well,  doing part-time job and being moderate in unnecessary spending. While studying abroad in New Zealand, I stayed at a local family for about one month  because of the policy of the New Zealand Immigration Service. I spent time there going  to the church with host family every Sunday and playing with three children there.  After that, I moved in a flat and lived with a Saudi Arabian and a Korean and enjoyed  this   brilliant   experience   which   can   never   be   found   in   Japan.   Through   these 
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Unformatted text preview: experiences, I learnt how to socialize with people from totally different backgrounds. In addition to that, I think that I have become more flexible to new environments, too. On my personality, I am often said from people around me that I am sincere. Actually, I usually finish my tasks as soon as possible, and take tasks it selves and its deadlines seriously. Besides, I believe that I am punctual myself. For example, I have never been late for part-time job, even though it often starts at six o’clock in morning. Therefore, it I were to be registered in this seminar, there will be no late submission or slack in tasks, and I think I will never be late....
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