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Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities - Roles& Responsibilities...

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Unformatted text preview: Roles & Responsibilities - Elwnstrision. direction. integration. result 1 Leads change Provid es day-to-day management and direction of Six Sigma Program - Support Sladc Elett by participating on projectteams ApplyElreakthrough _ Strategyto-specific project. lead and directteams to execute project Develops deployment and Strategy Support cuttural change Understand vision Apphr concept to their job andwolk area - ldentif'pandscope project Identify. coach and detrelop Slack Elett Trains and coaches Black Belt. Green Set and eaders ' K! N D U Z in collaboration With Gerl'lcllon Prunes: oozrnulm Lani: | KIIII uz Donn] Ind IW I are mun uz Emir!!! cmsulnu -Nl mum: Human ra ...
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