tut 1 complete sol - 1-Briefly explain the term signal and...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-Briefly explain the term signal and provide 3 examples including analogue and digital signals.Solution:Signals are functions of independent variables. They are used to convey information from one point to another.Analogue signalsSound Signal, Pressure, LightDigital SignalDigital image pixels, Computer processing signals, mobile communication signals2- Briefly explain the term system and provide explanations for the following examples; dynamics of an aircraft or space vehicle, an algorithm for analysing financial and economic factors to predict stock market activity, an edge detection algorithm for medical images, and a typical second order RLC circuit.Solution:System can be considered as a box which process signals to produce a modified or transformed version of the original signal. Hence the system may do some manipulations to the input signal and create an output signal.Eg: Dynamics of aircraftAt a specific point in time the position of the aircraft is defined by its altitude and velocity. The state of the aircraft changes when the time change.Stock market activityAt any time instance the value of stocks fluctuate based on different financial and economic factors. If the factors favour the company the stocks value of the company increases and vice versa.Edge detectionThe edge detection of medical images is carried out by comparing the intensity of adjacent pixels. At any given point in time there can be an edge or multiple edges based on the intensity gradient between adjacent neighbouring pixels.RLC CircuitThe voltage across an RLC circuit is given by v(t) = Ri(t)+L(di/dt)+(1/C) i(t)dtThis combination creates an oscillator circuit whose frequency can be varied by changing the value of L and C. For a particular time the frequency of the RLC circuit is determined by its inductance and capacitance.3- A dynamical system concept is a mathematical formalization for any fixed "rule" which describes the time dependence of a point's position in its ambient space Write a paragraph containing the above mentioned statement in plain words. It is most desirable to include an example in your paragraph.Solution:A dynamical system consists of an ambient spaceand a pointin this ambient space. The ambient spacecan be defined as a simple space in which the point is contained. The position of the pointin this space can be defined by a set of coordinates. The dynamic system can be defined using a mathematical formula; this formula describes the position of the point in its space, at a specific time. For example, water flowing through a pipe. The discharge of flowing water is given by the formula; Q = a*vQ - volume of water per seconda - cross-sectional area of the pipe...
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tut 1 complete sol - 1-Briefly explain the term signal and...

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