syn_sin - for k=1:length(Xk) tt=tstart:1/fs:dur; xa(k,:) =

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function [xx,tt] = syn_sin(fk, Xk, fs, dur, tstart) if nargin<5, tstart=0; end if length(fk)~=length(Xk), error('The length of fk and Xk are unequal'); end xx = (1:(dur-tstart)*fs+1)*0;
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Unformatted text preview: for k=1:length(Xk) tt=tstart:1/fs:dur; xa(k,:) = Xk(k)*exp(1i*2*pi*fk(k)*tt); xx=xx+xa(k,:); end plot(tt,xx),grid; soundsc(xx,fs)...
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