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Elective Test Name:__________________ Date:______________________ “The Task” Your task is to discover as much as you can about the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece. Try to find as many new and unique facts as possible. Your task is to: Answer the following questions Briefly describe one of the Olympic events Find a map of Ancient Greece and label where the first Games were held Here are the questions to begin. 1. 1. Where did the Olympic Games come from? 2. 2. Why were they held at Olympia?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. 3. Were there other contests like the Olympics? 4. 4. Who could compete in the Olympics? 5. 5. Were women allowed at the Olympics? 6. 6. How were the athletes trained? 7. 7. What prizes did Olympic victors get? 8. 8. Who were the Olympic judges? 9. 9. What was the penalty for cheating? 10. 10. Where did the marathon come from? 11. 11. Why do think women were not allowed to participate in the Games? How do you feel about that?...
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