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Communication 225 Interpersonal Communication Continuous 1/19/2010 Self awareness: The ability to perceive Critical Self Reflections What am I thinking and feeling? Feeling humiliated or grief as opposed to just bad. Why am I thinking and feeling this way? Look at external factors. Stress, sleep deprivation. How am I communicating? How are my thoughts and feelings influencing my communication? Can influence us not to communicate. How can I improve my thoughts, feelings and communication? Consider the other persons thoughts feelings and communication. Self-Concept Your overall perception of who you are, based on the beliefs, attitudes, and values you have about yourself. Self-Esteem Your overall evaluation of our self-worth. People with higher self-esteem: Report greater life and relationship satisfaction. Show greater leadership ability, athleticism and academic performance. Self-Discrepancy Theory Suggests that our esteem is determined by comparing ourselves against two standards: Ideal Self: Characteristics that you wish to possess. Ought Self: the person others wish and expect you to be.
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Comm 225 Cont - Communication 225 Interpersonal...

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