Comm 225 Notes - Wednesday January 27th High Warranting...

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th High Warranting Value Information supported by outside sources (on and off line). Because it has high value, it is trusted more. Implications When others' wall posts contradict your profile, people will believe the posts. Wall postings have more of an impact on perceptions of your personality and attractiveness than your personal profile. The Interview Test Would you print off your photos, profile, and blog, and take it to your next job interview? If not, change them. US companies now routinely web-search candidates. Uncertainty Reduction Theory and Parks and Adelman Basic assumptions are that when people meet and communicate, their primary concern is reducing uncertainty; that is, increasing the predictability and explainability of their own and their partner's behavior. Initial encounters are scripted, we use information to make ourselves more comfortable. Two Kinds of Uncertainty Proactive Before you communicate. Making predictions before social encounter. Playing it out. Retroactive After you communicate. Unpredictability. Axioms of URT As communication between people increases, uncertainty decreases. Similarities between people decrease uncertainty; dissimilarities increase uncertainty (in vs. out group). Parks and Adleman: Applications of URT Parks and Adelman extend URT to explore the influence of networks on uncertainty and relationship survival – the “Romeo and Juliet” Effect. 4 Variables Communication with Partner's network (percentage of partners family members met and how often communication occurs). The more we've met partner's friends and family the more uncertainty is reduced. 3 reasons why this is important Direct information ABOUT partner not FROM partner. Out of role behavior/information. You watch your partner around their family and friends, you watch relationships for respect. Social expectation. At some point there is a social expectation to meet the network.
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Comm 225 Notes - Wednesday January 27th High Warranting...

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