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1. What are the differences between a policy, a standard, and a practice? What are the three types of security policies? Where would each be used? What type of policy would be needed to guide use of the Web? E-mail? Office equipment for personal use? (SLO 10) 2. Please review Chapter 5 then describe the role management should play in the development, maintenance, and enforcement of information security policy. Your focus should be on the importance of management involvement. Assess the
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Unformatted text preview: benefit of having management involved with the development, maintenance, and enforcement. (SLO 11) 3. Please review the Security Education, Training, and Awareness Program section of Chapter 5. Assess the role of education, training, and awareness with respect to information security. Focus on the many benefits that can be gained from an enterprise-wide program. Also, what pitfalls might occur if such a plan is not in place? (SLO 12)...
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