AMH 2020 Chapter 18 - Chapter 18 Technological Innovations...

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Chapter 18 Technological Innovations There was a growing population, new inventions and an expansion of the railroads. There was also the emergence of a national marketplace, i.e. the stock market. US Patent office was flooded with new inventions, the flush toilet was invented in England, the tin can, and railroad cars also became refrigerated. Western Union made telegraphs available to the entire public with nearly 200,000. By 1880 there were fifty thousand phones in the United States of America. Major productions in steal almost came through, a new type of furnace allowed the United States to produce 28 million tons of steel in the world. Thomas Edison Leading the new group of inventions of Thomas Edison and the Wright brothers who invented the first airplanes. Edison was the most creative with over one thousand patents to his name; a host of new innovations grew up from his inventions. The Railroads Railroads paid a crucial role in Americans development as an industrial power. Railroad requirement massive amount of capital, the government gave railroad companies tax exemptions, and massive tracts of land valued as high as $500 million. Railroads were sold on Wall Street.
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AMH 2020 Chapter 18 - Chapter 18 Technological Innovations...

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