AMH 2020 Chapter 26 - Chapter 26: War & Society...

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The Gathering Storm Japan seized and colonized Manchuria, and eventually bombed China in order to expand its reign. Japan sunk Panay , an American gunboat. Benito Mussolini, leader of Italy, invaded Ethiopia. Italy and Germany intervened in the Spanish Civil War to promote totalitarianism. The US remained neutral. Roosevelt established “Good neighbor policy,” pledging nonintervention to Western Hemisphere states. Women and college students conducted peace rallies, promoting isolationism and noninterference. Roosevelt passed three major Neutrality Acts. The Failure of Neutrality Roosevelt wished to intervene in Europe, but got mixed messages. European nations all hoped that by appeasing Hitler, he would eventually stop and become peaceful. Hitler ended up invading Poland, starting WWII. Nonaggression pact between Soviet Union and Germany, Germany turned. Munich Agreement: Czech and Germany regarding Sudentenland Mountains The Germans tore through Europe, eventually leading to France’s surrender. The US wished to avoid war by aiding the allies & passed a revised Neutrality Act. The US created an “all aid to the Allies” policy after France’s crumble. To The Brink Roosevelt unveiled a “Lend-Lease” proposal that provided Britain with valuable war material, totaling some 50 billion dollars. Roosevelt met with Churchill and established the Atlantic Charter, pledging free trade, nonaggression and a postwar world where freedom would be prevalent. U-boats attacked American vessels, which justified Roosevelt to a more
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AMH 2020 Chapter 26 - Chapter 26: War & Society...

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