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Brett Larose AMH 2020 O’Shea Section #43 Why Reconstruction Failed Reconstruction was an era of the United States from 1863 to 1877 that took place immediately after the civil war. The main goal of Reconstruction was to rebuild the United States by promoting civil rights and equality. The U.S. focused on trying to solve the social, political and economical problems that the civil war had rung in, but the major political opposition of the South, along with economic hardships, and the attempt to redesign the entire social structure of the South slowly but surely destroyed any chance of survival that Reconstruction had. In 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation gave freedom to all of the blacks. However, they still had a long journey to overcome in order to obtain their full civil rights. Reconstruction failed in bringing social and economic equality to the blacks because of the failure of the Freedmen’s Bureau. The Freedmen’s Bureau promised to aid blacks in education, employment, among other things—but president Andrew Johnson refused to give extra monetary support. The Freedmen’s Bureau also handled the legal
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AMH 2020 Reconstruction - Brett Larose AMH 2020 OShea...

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