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Bio I and II - 1 There are six chromosomes and 12...

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1. There are six chromosomes and 12 chromatids. 2. Cytokinesis in animal cells is the division of the cytoplasm. Plant cells differ in cytokinesis because they have to build a cell wall plate first before separation. 3. The function of the nonkinetochore microtubule is to help stretch out the cell during anaphase. They are not attached to kinetochores. 4. Three similarities between bacterial chromosomes and eukaryotic chromosomes: a. a. similar pole-like movement of chromosomes moving from one region to another b. Proteins help move chromosomes c. Fadfad 5. Tubulin and Actin are proteins that aid in the movement of chromosomes. Actin is required for cleavage furrows, in order for the contractile ring to contract and pinch out the new cell. Tubulin is probably for microtubules or something. 6. End of s phase to end of Metaphase! 1. Because the nuclei in experiment 2 hadn’t gone through the S phase, and therefore did not duplicate their chromosomes.
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