BIO test 4 study - TYLER GONZALEZ> is there a vaccination...

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TYLER GONZALEZ>> is there a vaccination for avian influenza A Linda Walters>> For rebecca please see your syllabus EVAN RIVERA>> is turner syndrome the one with xo in the genotype JANVID SITU>> yes GISELLE CASTANEIRA>> yes Linda Walters>> Normally with the spindel fibers Linda Walters>> oopspindle EVAN RIVERA>> thank you SARAH REICHEL>> are those the same things as the kinetichores? Linda Walters>> nope BRETT LAROSE>> how could a male kleinfelter calico have nondisjunction? SARAH REICHEL>> can down syndrome run in a family? BRETT LAROSE>> i though since it was XXY it already had nondisjunction? TYLER GONZALEZ>> are there many genes on a chromosome Linda Walters>> For sarah yes, if it is caused by a translocation ERUM HAI>> what exactly calico cats GISELLE CASTANEIRA>> cats that are orange and black JANVID SITU>> calico cats are cats with black orange and white splotches GISELLE CASTANEIRA>> i think their usually females too Linda Walters>> for Brett the parents of the cat had to have nondisjunction to produce the kitten GISELLE CASTANEIRA>> can a male cat be calico? SARAH REICHEL>> can Turner's Syndrome happen to males? and does it affect your mental processes if you have it? Linda Walters>> Turner's syndrome is XO so no, they cannot be males Linda Walters>> for Giselle yes, if he is a Kleinfelter male GISELLE CASTANEIRA>> oohh GISELLE CASTANEIRA>> thanks Linda Walters>> because then he gets 2 x's GISELLE CASTANEIRA>> right SARAH REICHEL>> Does Turner's Syndrom affect your mental processes? Linda Walters>> normally not ERUM HAI>> so each x has black and other has orange Linda Walters>> inf the mother is a calico yes , she has one
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of each color SARAH REICHEL>> can turner's syndrome happen in animals or just people? Linda Walters>> it can happen in any animal that has the XY sex determination system SARAH REICHEL>> did Turner name it after himself? Linda Walters>> yes SARAH REICHEL>> hehe ERUM HAI>> so for female calico half cells are active with x(black) and half withx(Orange) Linda Walters>> they inactivate at random SARAH REICHEL>> what determines whether the cat is calico or tortishell? Linda Walters>> if the inactivation occurs earlier in development it is a tortie, if slightly later its calico and the blotches are bigger SARAH REICHEL>> ah, thanks GISELLE CASTANEIRA>> what is tortishell? ERUM HAI>> what causes this random inactivation Linda Walters>> We thing it has to do with a set of genes called Xist Linda Walters>> oops think GISELLE CASTANEIRA>> what is myopathy? Linda Walters>> tortoiseshell are the cats with tiny splotches ERUM HAI>> thanks EVAN RIVERA>> fragile x is the most common cause of developmental delays and mental handicaps correct? SARAH
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BIO test 4 study - TYLER GONZALEZ> is there a vaccination...

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