Chapter 16 Notes AMH 2020

Chapter 16 Notes AMH 2020 - Chapter 16 Notes 1/9/2009...

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Chapter 16 Notes 1/9/2009 Presidential Reconstruction South has to deal with a massive manpower shortage Ruined the agricultural economy of the South. Slavery property disappeared. Manufacturing increased by over 80 Democrats appeared to be fighting for the slave owners. Democratic Party does win back control of the house by 1874. 90% of the amnesty (forgiveness) requests were allowed. Southerners wanted to restore the old racial order. The President vs. Congress 39 th Congress was not allowed to seat new members from the South. Johnson attempted to veto the Freedmen’s Bureau He also did not approve the Civil Rights Bill. New violent incidents that broke out in early-reconstructed state were Memphis and New Orleans. Congressional Reconstruction Radicals make the 14 th and the 15 th amendments a reality. 14 th gives the right of citizenship. South needed to fairly deal with their black populations. Black votes helped the Republicans to gain a foothold in the South. Johnson is denounced and the Moderate Republicans side with the Radicals. New Reconstruction acts-Divides the South into five military districts. To be reconstructed the states had to approve black suffrage. Radicals also wanted schools and a lack of suffrage for former Confederate officials. Republicans also called for a redistribution of land, but failed to pass any major plan to make it a reality.
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Chapter 16 Notes AMH 2020 - Chapter 16 Notes 1/9/2009...

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