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Chapter 19 Literature and Art Mark Twine i.e. Samuel Clements added color to his local heroes of Miss. Social Darwinism also started to take hold. Challenging Domestic Life The average women around 1900 had over 7 children—some women started to once again assert femininity rights. There was a substantial rise in the number of divorce rates. The Purity Crusades There was an effort to adopt middle class values, there were attacks on prostitution and immoral behavior. Towns made it a legal obligation to attend church.
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Unformatted text preview: • There was reform that was aimed entirely at the white male American escape the saloon and Temperance was once again introduced. Public Education • Education became compulsory for everyone including immigrants. • Some immigrant groups worried that public schools would challenge their own customs. • There was a greater demand for higher education. • The middle class was setting the standard for “proper Victorian behavior”....
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