Chapter 20 AMH 2020 - Chapter 20 State and Society There...

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Chapter 20 State and Society There was a new political movement that was led by William Jennings Bryan. He captivated the masses. The Politics of Stalemate The United States had no memorable leaders. Assaulted with industrialization, immigration and urbanization. Patronage, there was high competition coming from both sides. The Republican Party reflected the notions of the Midwest. Democrats were less likely to be activists. Republicans tried to put forth a united front, but the party included Stalwarts, were led by Robert Conkling. The Democrats were also divided, they were more interested. Many people wanted to move toward a third party. Anti-monopolies. Democrats tended to attract Catholics. Elections campaigns; voters used slip tickets to support their candidates. Voters’ percentages were high. The size of the national government had grown since the end of the Civil War. There were six thousand people stationed in Washington DC to begin with. The impeachment of President Johnson had started to take power away from the chief executive. Grant had deferred to Congress. Republicans had fostered a world of economic protectionism tariffs and regulating the money supply. Members of the Senate thought that they could buy a seat. The Issues
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Chapter 20 AMH 2020 - Chapter 20 State and Society There...

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