Chapter 29 - Chapter 29: Consensus and Confrontation...

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Chapter 29: Consensus and Confrontation 1960-1968 Kennedy wished to increase military pressure on the Soviet Union in order to control and stop communism. Doubled the budget for NASA, to put an American on the moon by 1970. Proposed a $13.5 billion tax cut plan. Many opposed his unconventional ideas New Frontiers Abroad Kennedy believed that instability in the Third World presented great danger to America’s security. Created defense strategy called “flexible response”. This strategy increase nuclear capability, increased economic assistance to troubled parts in Third World and increased training of military forces Cuba and Berlin Kennedy learned of a secret plan devised by Eisenhower to invade Cuba, and decided to go through with it, except the anti-Castro refugees surrendered, and Cuba became more tied to Castro, and Castro more tied to the Russians. Khrushchev and Kennedy had a conference, in which Khrushchev wanted to build a wall separating East Berlin from West Berlin to prevent the people of East Berlin to leave. Tensions grew. Cuban Missile Crisis A U2 spy plane found nuclear sites in Cuba, and Kennedy took action by blockading Cuba. The Russians were angered and sent ships to Cuba. A nuclear war was almost initiated, but USSR retreated. An agreement was settled with the Russians in which America would not invade Cuba—if Cuba returned the nuclear missiles were withdrawn, and if medium-range bombers were returned to USSR from Cuba.
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Chapter 29 - Chapter 29: Consensus and Confrontation...

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