Chapter 30

Chapter 30 - Chapter 30: The Politics of Polarization...

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Chapter 30: The Politics of Polarization 1969-1979 Nixon’s War Nixon and Kissinger (secretary of state & national security adviser) were a team who believed in Realpolitik , a pessimistic view of nations’ behavior. Vietnamization: South Vietnamese forces would gradually be strengthened so American troops could withdraw from the war. Nixon invaded Cambodia because military officials believed the North Vietnamese Army was using it to plan attacks on South Vietnam. The invasion was a failure, and re-inflamed antiwar sentiment back home. Nixon was failing greatly in Vietnam, causing uproar and protests in America. Peace With Honor? Operation Linebacker I and II proved successful. Brought upon the Paris Peace Accords, where America pulled out, prisoners of war were returned, and free and democratic elections were held. In the Accords, North Vietnamese troops could remain in the South, and the North eventually betrayed the accords, taking over Vietnam. US didn’t intervene. Nation’s longest war, nation deeply divided by war. Détente Détente: Relationship hoping to reduce tensions with Soviet Union in order to lessen the threat of nuclear war and to put pressure on North Vietnam. Nixon soon made peace with China and the Russians to ease hostility. Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT I) reduced the amount of nuclear weapons being created—satellite technology allowed this to be possible. The Limits of Realism
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Chapter 30 - Chapter 30: The Politics of Polarization...

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